Water saving solutions


Saving water saves energy and money

Generally, pumps account for a considerable amount of energy consumption. For example in Europe, it can be as much as 15% of the household electricity bill. Most household pumps are inefficient. They run continually at full speed, wasting water, energy and money. Installing energy-efficient pumps for hot water recirculation in every home would not only deliver instant hot water for the morning shower but, more importantly, deliver significant reductions in water and energy consumption worldwide.

Grundfos COMFORT
As products in the Grundfos COMFORT PM range use only 5-8.5W, the opportunity to save energy, water and money is substantial. Some products in this range also feature Grundfos AUTOADAPT technology. These deliver even greater overall efficiency as AUTOADAPT learns the household’s hot water consumption pattern and adapts so that the pump only runs when required.

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