Meet the water and energy challenge NOW

Meet the water and energy challenge NOW

Meet the water and energy challenge NOW is an invitation to everyone in business and industry. From engineers to architects, CSR managers to CEOs, installers and building owners – you can all play a part in reducing CO2 emissions, optimising energy use and conserving water.

The simple facts
By acting now, with solutions already available, we can help to meet the challenges we all face with regard to conserving our freshwater supply, reducing CO2 emissions and making sure we stabilise or lower predicted global temperature rises.

From hidden wasters…
Most do not realise that pumps account for a massive 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. That’s perhaps because pumps are rarely seen in day-to-day life and yet modern life would not exist without them. More startling is that 9 out of 10 pumps in operation today are not optimised for the application for which they are used, and are therefore wasting energy every day.

…to global heroes
If everyone switched to energy efficient pumps we would immediately save 4% of the world’s electrical consumption. That potential saving is further strengthened by another: reducing global electricity consumption by 4% would also save 2 billion m3 of our freshwater supplies.

- Two excellent reasons to meet the Water and Energy Challenge NOW.