Energy challenges

Energy challenges

Hidden solutions to energy challenges

With the world’s population growing at a rate never before seen and an expanding global middle class, demands for energy will continue to increase.

In fact, the world’s energy use is projected to grow at an annual average rate of 1.7%. That adds up to a 40% rise in demand from current output in the twenty years from 2010-2030, and highlights the importance of energy efficiency – everywhere.

Far-reaching effects
Certainly energy efficiency has been a hot topic in recent years with many solutions on the market that cover domestic, industry and commercial usage. As energy prices rise – and they will likely continue to do so – we must explore other opportunities that will have a significant impact on energy conservation.

A renewable solution?
The future for renewable energy appears positive but the time for when it replaces carbon-heavy energy sources is, in reality, too far away. In the meantime, there are ways to immediately make a significant reduction to energy consumption. We call them the hidden solutions.