Water challenges

Water challenges

Our most precious resource - what does the future hold?  

As the global population increases, demand for fresh water will escalate alarmingly. But not everybody realises that fresh water accounts for only 2.5% of all the water on the planet and less than 1% is actually available to us – much of it is tied up in glaciers and the polar ice caps.

Demand vs supply
As we face a future with far more people, extensive urbanisation and a changing climate, access to such a small amount of water presents us with significant challenges. Indeed, by 2030 demand for freshwater is already expected to increase by 30%.

Surprising statistics
But it’s not just people who depend on a continual, reliable and clean water supply – so too do industry and agriculture. Currently, domestic water use constitutes just 10% of global water consumption, while an astounding 90% is used by industry and agriculture – 20% and 70% respectively.

Water waste
As cities increase in density and urbanisation expands dramatically we must become more conscious of what we waste through leakage. Today in London, pipe leaks account for a loss of 1,000 million litres of water every day. That amounts to 40% of the city’s clean water supply. And, in some cities in Italy, that loss rises to a staggering 70% of water pumped.

Access to clean, safe water
Even today, close to 800 million people have no access to safe drinking water and climate change is further affecting distribution. Unless addressed, that figure will only grow. Water challenges are a global issue with far reaching consequences for all of us, despite the fact that solutions to a great many of them are already available today.

No single one-fix solution

There is no single solution to any of these challenges. But there are ways all of us – industry, citizens, governments, commercial and private building owners – can help meet the world’s water challenges and, in so doing, also address its energy challenges. At Grundfos we have developed solutions proven to contribute positively in each area. You can explore a selection of them via the links below.

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