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Modern life depends on pumps. Yet around 9 out of 10 operate inefficiently, wasting energy, which results in wasting water.

As demand for these two precious resources will continue to rise, so will their cost. That is why it’s important to ensure your organisation’s pumps operate efficiently.

A simple way to start saving
It’s easy to find out how much you could save. With either a simple Energy Check or a more comprehensive Pump Audit, the Grundfos Optimisation & Consultancy team is here to show you how to uncover ways to optimise energy usage, save money and minimise your organisation’s environmental impact.

Energy Check

A quick Energy Check

Start optimising NOW by undertaking an Energy Check. In just a few steps you can be on your way to lowering your company’s environmental impact and increasing your bottom line.

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Pump Audit

The comprehensive Pump Audit

Through a thorough analysis of your installation – but involving very little down time – the Pump Audit is a very accurate way to measure your pump system’s efficiency.

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