At Grundfos, sustainability is the core of our business

To us, sustainability is a mind-set, a way to do business. We push the boundaries of possibility in energy efficiency and water conservation. It is about bringing value to the world, to our clients, to our business, and to our employees in the most sustainable way.

Green at heart

We take responsibility for making a genuine difference in the world, by helping our existing and new customers meet their needs in an ever-more energy and water-efficient manner, through our work with the product life-cycle and by walking the talk when it comes to our own footprint.

Passionate about water

We put a focus on helping with the world’s water challenges. We aim to bring water to the world’s most vulnerable communities and one way to do so is by building valuable partnerships for water.




We value our employees and focus on creating a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace. Our target areas are employee health and safety, the work environment, employee satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, including to raise the quality of life in local communities.

Ethics and integrity

we are committed to be an ethical, value-based corporate citizen operating in a fair and legal way in every market, through respecting human rights, operating through a sustainable supply chain and have zero-tollerance of corruption.

Our sustainability stories

From Russia to India, from Argentina to Vietnam. See how our employees gather for good causes to help local communities. 

Journey towards a sustainable world by 2030

We recognise the business potential in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs) and the need to identify and develop solutions to scale.

Join us on a journey towards the SDGs; in finding new ways of doing business — ways that are inclusive and environmentally sustainable, with as tiny a carbon footprint as possible. 

Grundfos in society

Our water is under pressure

Increasing urbanisation and our modern way of living place a heavy demand on the water supply. On top of this a combination of water contamination, leakages and over-consumption also challenges our access to safe and clean water. With intelligent solutions, we can make a change.