We are pioneers

We are pioneers

We want to  be climate positive. Through our solutions and through our actions we will ensure water access for more people around the world, safeguard our precious water resources and make a positive and lasting impact on the global climate challenges.

We pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people.

Water and digitalization

We will develop and refine new, digital solutions, which will make us capable of ensuring water for the world.

Exemplary projects from around the world

Partnering for water

Across the world, we are collaborating with key partners to make sure that people gain access to water.

In Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and many others, we are working with blended finance models to ensure that otherwise resource-strained utilities can supply people in their municipalities and regions with drinking water.

One of these places is Takeo in Cambodia, where we and the local utility collaborate to make water available.