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3 modules
  • Basic

76 - The Basic Pump Curve Course

Learn about the basics of pump curves including how to read them in this brief ECADEMY course.

3 modules
  • Basic

77 - The Extended Course on Basic Pump Principles

Get further information on some of the most basic pump principles in the pumping industry.

6 modules
  • Basic

72 - The Domestic Water Pressure Boosting Course

In this course, you will get a thorough introduction to domestic water pressure boosting. You will learn about the different application types and what to consider when selecting a booster pump for a specific job.

Learning tracks

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Al Zamil Learning Track Test

Welcome to your customised learning journey for Al Zamil We are happy to help you get started in ECADEMY by presenting you with your customised learning track. Please remember to login with your email address and the password Grundfos01. to save your progress. Enjoy your training! We will in short time come back with a list of people who should have access to this learning track. Thank you for your support.

6 courses
  • Intermediate

The energy renovation learning track

It has never been more important to minimise energy consumption. Grundfos can provide the knowledge you need to help your customers transform their residential buildings into efficient and comfortable places to live right NOW.

4 courses
  • Basic

Water Treatment Solutions

Learn about Drinking Water Solution. An introduction to water disinfection and its application areas. It also compares the most common disinfection methods and detail explanation about AQPure system.