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Recently added courses

Take a look at some of our recently added courses

6 modules
  • Intermediate

87 - Understanding our water

Have you wondered why water behaves as it does? We have talked to Professor Søren Rud Keiding of Aarhus University, to hear about what makes water so special, and why it is essential for life, people, the climate and our food.

3 modules
  • Intermediate

1 - Life Cycle Cost

This course introduces you to the concept of life cycle cost analysis and reveals the hidden costs of a pumping system

3 modules
  • Basic

44 - Full control and balancing with the ALPHA3 connected circulator pump

This course will give you a thorough insight into the ALPHA3, the first circulator with a built-in Bluetooth connection, focusing on the benefits when using Grundfos GO apps for control and balancing.

Learning tracks

0 courses
  • Intermediate

The Solar Pumping Learning Track

Learn about the main aspects of solar water pumping systems and where to use them, and get an overview of the many available accessories for solar water pumping solutions in this learning track.

1 courses
  • Basic

The Heating Circulator Range Learning Track

Get familiar with our heating circulator range in this learning track. You'll discover some of our main circulators in the ALPHA and MAGNA family and have the chance to learn about the intelligent Grundfos AUTOADAPT technology.