India’s premier educational institute optimizes energy with Grundfos IE5 solutions

The Situation

Did you know that energy consumption accounts for a significant portion of operating costs and affects the profitability of today’s modern swanky educational institutes? In today's competitive landscape, even educational institutes are seeking innovative solutions to maximize energy efficiency and drive sustainable practices, to remain competitive in the industry.

One of the premier educational institutes in the national capital region of India found itself grappling with an urgent need to address skyrocketing energy consumption and the subsequent impact on their operating costs. Increased energy and associated maintenance challenges of their existing water supply system posed a formidable challenge that demanded an innovative and sustainable solution.

Due to the institute's horizontal spread, pipelines ran across several acres of land with different terrain, feeding into multiple overhead tanks. And hence water supply system was subjected to severe stress in terms of pipeline bursts due to pressure fluctuations and the risk of water hammer arising out of lengthy pipes running into several kilometers within the campus.

The Solution

Understanding the customer’s pain points gives innumerable insights to any solution provider. And these understandings helped Grundfos to offer Hydro Multi E Booster systems with IE5 efficiency motors to address key challenges of this premier institute.

Hydro Multi E's unique features could address this installation's major operational challenges apart from improving energy performance.

Soft pressure build-up – a unique feature of Grundfos Hydro  Multi E boosters is effectively used in this installation to mitigate over-pressurization issues. With the smooth filling of pipes before they are pressurized, the Hydro Multi E controller ensures almost nil pipe bursts and all operational  challenges due to water hammer on account of pressure surges.

To optimize the water flow  concerning the system head, Hydro Multi E’s – proportional pressure control mode comes in handy. This feature dynamically adjusts the system set pressure  in accordance with water consumption (flow). Since the length of pipes is greater, the frictional loss of pipes is actively compensated by taking account of flow, thereby achieving additional energy savings of up to 10%.

The Outcome

Grundfos’s Hydro Multi E system with its innate intelligent features together with highly efficient IE5 efficiency class motors exceeded the customers’ expectations by fulfilling their technical requirements while addressing their operational challenges as well.

Solution selling is a major factor that helps us to market our capabilities and provide energy-optimized customized solutions to addressing their operational challenges
Sargun Singh – Sales Engineer, CBS, INDO region, IMEA

While replacing the conventional water supply system with Grundfos Hydro Multi E system, a sizable reduction of 36% in connected electrical load per motor was achieved for the same hydraulic duty. This was made possible due to the Grundfos MGE motor with IE5 class of efficiency.

This reduction also paved the way for further optimizing the electrical supply network of the installation starting from switchgear to back up generators which was a big advantage for the customer.

Grundfos Supplied

  • Hydro Multi E 2 X CRE 10-03 2.2 Kw systems – 6 sets
  • Hydro Multi E 2 X CRE 45-2-1 11.0 Kw system – 1 set
  • Hydro Multi E 3 X CRE 32-3 7.5 Kw system – 1 set

Hydro Multi E


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