As a company focused on pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life of people our CSR plays a vital role in our existence and operations. It shapes our company values and helps contribute to our “Must Win Battle 1”: Winning Water - Grundfos is recognized as an innovative water solutions partner and trusted advisor in our prioritised water applications. We further wish to be the preferred partner in “Safe Water” marketplace and number 1 in renewable solutions as we use our advanced products to help change the livelihoods of people who are in dire need of clean drinking water.

Our Believe

Environmental (Planet)

  • Protection and usage of natural resources
  • Climate impact - supporting the management of the physical environment
  • Compliance

Social (People)

  • Community investment: giving back to the community 

Governance (Financial)

  • Longterm economic growth without impacting negatively to others


The Sustainable development goals also known as the SDG’s play a vital role in Grundfos CSR activities and ultimately help shape an all-inclusive CSR plan. Grundfos Sub-Saharan Africa will primarily focus on SDG 6 with a focus on SDG 13 with the exception of other goals.

Facts & Figures:

  • 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services such as toilets
  • Nearly 1000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diarrheal diseases 
  • At least 892 million people continue to practice open defecation
  • Water scarcity affects more than 40per cent of the global population and is projected to rise.


Ensuring access to safe and reliable water to 1 million people in need, as well as the conservation of water to ensure that water is conserved and preserved


The below criteria will be used and considered for the approval of projects, activities and programmes and will be subject to the discretion and approval of the company:

  • The project, programme or activity should focus on historically disadvantaged persons, people who are in need, remote areas, townships, schools, clinics, NPO’s/ NGO’s etc.
  • The project should have a sustainability element i.e.: must have the potential of being sustainable
  • The project should be within the spectrum of the Grundfos pre-identified SDG’s as highlighted

The project should result in job creation or job enhancement