Intelligent reverse osmosis systems

“We’ve worked with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS to take a unit that was already successful and make it better.”

- Justin Underhill, Sales Manager at Industrial Water Equipment Ltd.

See how intelligent RO systems can save up to 70% energy per m3 water produced

Standardized plug-and-play kits for low pressure reverse osmosis systems

These kits are the intelligent way to improve efficiency and reduce complexity in low-pressure reverse osmosis systems. Standardised solutions are available in six pre-packaged kits consisting of Grundfos components selected to cover the requirements of different flow and pressure systems.

Solutions for water treatment partners and original equipment manufacturers with a huge impact for end-users

For builders of low-pressure systems up to 15 bar, these standardised intelligent reverse osmosis kits are suitable for applications in a number of industries that require reliable water quality, for example:


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