Take your sustainable irrigation to another level with SP solar

 Solar pumps have been equipping farmers to be self-reliant, keeping the irrigation cost under control and relieving them from the hurdles of unreliable power supply.

But are we harnessing the best from solar panels? In many cases no, as we use the pumps developed for grid supply which are good for the grid but not for solar. Which is why we launched the new SP solar, a system developed specifically for solar, delivers maximum water while staying reliable under the ground.

Watch the video to learn more about how our SP solar can deliver more water per watt, while staying reliable under the ground.

How does SP solar deliver more water per watt than a conventional pump?

The SP solar supplies more water per watt, is highly reliable, and cuts down installation time and cost. Download our brochure to learn more.

How to install and operate the sp solar system?

Download our manuals to get installation and operation instructions.

How did SP solar enable economic growth and prosperity for Kashmir Valley farmers?

"I feel very thrilled when I see water coming out from the ground without spending any money on electricity. Now I don't have to worry about finding consistent water supply or depend on grid connection for power." Shahid Shafiee, Progressive Farmer, Shaffir Orchards, Kashmir Valley. Read our case story to learn more.

Get our sp solar pumps datasheets.

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