A collaboration with nature: The Grundfos SQFlex and a Windpump Tower


The Southern African country of Namibia is an arid and mostly desert island. Farming in this area can often be extremely challenging. The biggest challenges being the lack of rainfall and energy supply in remote areas. African countries are dependant on successful farming to combat food security challenges in the continent. The Sandvervaar farm in Southern Namibia relies on wind power as a sufficient supply of energy. The farm depends on a sustainable water supply to keep farm operations running.

The situation

Sandvervaar had a windpump installed years ago which had become too worn out for feasible repair and needed replacement. Grundfos in partnership with Nambian distributor, Conserv Engineering Services had to provide a solution that was better, durable, and reliable. The GRUNDFOS SQF1-8 Solar Pump was installed in the borehole with a shallow water-level as a replacement for the old Windpump. Two 250Watt Solar Modules were mounted onto the old Windpump Tower for power supply to the SQFlex pump. The above mentioned GRUNDFOS pump is one of many SQFlex pumps that replaced the old windpumps on the Farm Sandverhaar during the last 15 years.

The outcome

The low maintenance and easy installation of the GRUNDFOS SQFlex pump have proven to be an ideal replacement for windpumps on the large Farms in dry Southern Namibia. The farmers have peace of mind in that their livestock is well nourished by a reliable supply of water.