Safe and effective chemical dosing

Grundfos’s innovative solutions speak for themselves – and recent success in Ikeja, Nigeria, truly drives this home.

One of our top industrial customers, Greenpeg Engineering, approached a large food and beverage client based in Ilesha, Nigeria, to replace competitor chemical dosing pumps in their wastewater treatment plant for caustic soda and various acids, with those of the Grundfos DDA (Digital Dosing Advanced) series.


Digital Dosing Solution

Grundfos offers a wide range of dosing pumps covering applications from wastewater treatment and water treatment to other industrial processes. The advantages of digital dosing pumps provide high-precision dosing of chemicals, enable advanced control of processes and integration with system controls. It’s simple to operate and easy to set up with a user-friendly navigation menu. With flow intelligence, dosing pumps provide operational safety and precision.

This all contributes to keeping life-cycle costs low, and while ensuring optimised processes, maximising uptime, managing resources, and ensuring the safety of workers and products to meet government regulations.

The Grundfos DDA product range is a smart digital diaphragm dosing pump with an internal brushless motor drive is a high-end solution for complex and demanding applications requiring maximum process reliability.

The pump has an intuitive graphical user interface, providing easy access to a wide range of advanced functions and features. It ensures smooth, continuous and ultra-precise dosing in applications that require chemical treatment and/or conditioning of media.

Further, the DDA-FC and FCM versions feature a FlowControl system that detects overpressure, line bursts and air bubbles in the dosing head and suction-side that can cause cavitation. 



The end-user experienced many difficulties with the competitors’ products and frequently had to replace pumps with long lead times, causing not only downtime but most importantly compromised quality of treated wastewater to be released back into the environment.

Based on the features and benefits of the DDA series, Greenpeg supplied and installed, to the end customer a Grundfos DDA 200-4 AR-PVC/V/C dosing pump at their own cost, with the agreement that the company would replace the balance of the competitor dosing pumps if they were satisfied with the Grundfos DDA pump’s performance.

Within 12 days, having seen the significant benefits of the DDA pump, the customer ordered six additional Grundfos pumps. Greenpeg, supported by Grundfos, modified its pump skid to hold the six new DDA 200-4 pumps, amended the PVC lines, and upgraded an integrated control system for communication between the dosing controls and pumps.

The treated wastewater now meets the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency of Nigeria (NESRA) standards which provide the legal framework for the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to prevent and minimise pollution from all operations and subsidiary activities in the food and beverage industry

“We have not received any complaints or problems since the installation ” comments Mariam Bakre, Project Engineer of Greenpeg Engineering, “ We have truly won over the end-user’s trust by providing a reliable solution and this has led to additional pump orders for a different application in the factory”.