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6 - Groundbreaking vertical In-line pump (TPE3)

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Q: The TPE2 features an advanced set-point influence function. What does this do?
A: The advanced set-point influence function makes it possible to define a parameter that decide how the performance of the pump should change
Q: This pump should be the preferred choice in almost all cases
Q: The TPE3’s flow limit function eliminates the need for what?
A: Pump throttling valve
Q: The TPE3’s integrated heat energy meter ensures that:
A: Energy consumption in HVAC systems is monitored more efficiently
Q: What is possible due to the TPE3’s Delta T control mode?
A: The pump is operated based on the temperature difference between flow and return
Q: How many external pressure sensors are needed in the pipe system when three TPE3s are installed?
A: 0