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32 - Industrial Water Treatment

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Q: Why is it a good idea to choose pumps with integrated drives?
A: It can help reduce the motor size, optimise performance and protect the pump
Q: Why is it important to treat water that is to be used in industrial processes?
A: Water can stem from a variety of sources and may contain bacteria, soluble, particles, chemicals or other unwanted substances
Q: What methods can be used to separate particles and water?
A: Sand filters or membrane technology
Q: Put very simple, what are the basics of water treatment?
A: Removing or adding content
Q: What is the main purpose of balancing water?
A: To avoid corrosion in the pipes or of other materials used elsewhere in the process
Q: What is the problem of using throttling valves to decrease flow on a fixed speed pump?
A: It wastes large amounts of energy and money