Pump Rental

It is a suitable solution for reduced downtime during scheduled or unforeseen repairs. Helps overcome Capex budget constraints.

Your affordable way to premium pump solutions

An unforeseen pump system breakdown can be costly to any institution be it financially or discomfort to the end-user, and there are times that the correct spare part is just not available to repair the required pump.

At Grundfos Sub-Saharan Africa we have built a large range of pumps, from your standard domestic booster or dewatering pump to larger pumps for industrial or municipal applications, as part of our rental offerings.

Renting a pump/s from Grundfos will not only be a quick temporary solution for your breakdown but it will give you peace of mind as Grundfos service technicians will be responsible for the maintenance of the pump/s for the duration of the rental contract. (T&C’s apply)

We provide a solution to save you during downtime!

Our fleet of rental pumps is available for both short-term rentals and long-term leases, therefore customers can maintain operations in situations where pumps may be in for repairs or where a pump is required for a specific period and overall operation efficiency and downtime is maintained. A range of products is available for any application to conveniently cater to all your long-term and short-term pumping needs.

Getting started is easy

Your Grundfos Pump Rental journey

From the initial contact, we will provide assistance throughout the rental process.

  1. Initial contact – We assess your needs and select the best available solution for your application.
  2. Proposal – You receive a detailed quotation specifying the rental duration and specific terms and conditions.
  3. Fulfilment – Commissioning is carried out and visual inspection/service dates are set up and booked.
  4. The result – Your operation is maintained with reduced interruptions
  5. Follow-up – We follow up on and performed visual inspection and service maintenance to ensure optimum pump performance.