Virtual Technical Service Assistant

Remote site repairs with Grundfos Service Engineer assistance only a video call away

Virtual Technical Service Assistance

Get any pump repaired with Grundfos Virtual Technical Service Assistant

Are you running into challenges onsite that you can’t solve alone? Let us help! The Virtual Service Technician Assistance(VTSA) is remote assistance wherever and whenever you need it.

With VSTA any type of repair is possible for even the least experienced technician and is ideal for remote repairs when our service engineers need to travel a long distance to assist the customers.  With a basic video call our service engineer is now able to guide any technician to replace the part and/or configure controls and monitoring systems without being on-site. 

VSTA reduces repair costs by cutting out travel charges and minimize downtime by cutting out all travel time. Our service engineers can now also assist up to 7 customers at one time, instead of having to space out site visits to each customer.

Here’s how it works: Connect with a Grundfos service expert via a live video session, allowing them to see the problem in real-time – leveraging features on features such as ‘remote zoom’ and ‘live drawing’, our expert can then provide you with live feedback and guidance towards the solution.

Getting started is Easy

From the initial contact, we will provide assistance throughout the repair process.

  1. Initial contact – We assess your repair needs and select the best solution either via Virtual Service Technical Assistant or site visit
  2. Proposal – You receive a detailed quotation specifying how we intend to solve the case, as well as a price and repair time.
  3. Fulfilment – Grundfos service engineer starts the video call via Visual Support App and guide step for step on the repair.
  4. The result – Your pump system is repaired and runs smoothly and efficiently with reduced downtime.

To find out more about this service, please contact 24-hour service contact numbers to help you get set up:

South Africa: (+27) 83 642 0926
Ghana: (+233) 54 011 9232
Kenya: (+254) 72 840 6488