Portfolio Manager

Job family - Job cluster - Job role - Band level

Job family: Leadership
Job cluster: Leadership - Purchasing
Job role: Purchasing Manager
Band level: 07

Purpose of job

Responsible for the performance of a department or a team through task guidance, direction setting and motivation of the workforce.

Key activities

- Develop plans to maintain an efficient, productive and harmonious work environment.
- Select, lead, guide, evaluate and develop a team of supervisors/employees to ensure that the department achieves the business objectives.
- Select the right people and keep them trained and motivated to add value for the Grundfos customers.
- Secure the right mix of talent.
- Establish, maintain and support insight into the relevant supplier markets.
- Secure support towards the main stakeholders.
- Build and maintain close relations with suppliers and other major accounts related to the future business opportunities.
- Continuously optimise the supplier portfolio and cost, aligned with the needs of the Group in a local, regional or global scope.

Leadership - how to achieve results

Work focus: Deliver results through managers/employees and enable team productivity and individual productivity. Build effective and successful team(s). Create collaboration across relevant functional areas.
Time application: Annual planning for team and performance management.
Work value: Value managerial work and develop continuously managerial skills.

Critical knowledge and experience

- Experience leading and/or creating processes preferably within Purchasing.
- Experience executing on strategies and strategic initiatives within a complex business environment; experience from a large manufacturing environment is strongly preferred.
- Experience leading a team and/or process preferably within Purchasing.
- Most likely to have 5-7 years of relevant work experience before entering level.

- Strong ability to lead and/or influence others.
- Strong knowledge of best practices and relevant systems within Purchasing.

Collaboration partners

- Purchasing
- D&E
- Group Operations

Preferred education
Master’s Degree or equivalent
Grundfos Key Behaviors
B_Grundfos behavior - Accountability
B_Grundfos behavior - Collaboration
B_Grundfos behavior - Customer Centricity
C_Deciding and Initiating Action
C_Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
C_Leading and Supervising
C_Planning and Organising
C_Working with People
C_Presenting and Communicating Information
S_English Proficiency

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