When you need water, we get it to you efficiently

We’re a global leader of energy-efficient water solutions for use in homes, buildings, industries, utilities and agriculture.

Every day we go to work for water. With an optimistic, can-do spirit, on a mission to protect, respect and advance the flow of water. By creating efficiency and saving energy, Grundfos is leading the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.


What do you see in a drop of water?

For us, it’s possibility. The possibility to take the lead in innovating newer, smarter methods to advance the flow of water and reduce the use of energy. Let’s harness the possibilities together.

You’re never far from a Grundfos solution or service. Meet our family of innovators dedicated to bringing you the possibility in every drop of water.

We respect, protect and advance the flow of water
This is our promise to you, and the planet. A pledge of our responsibility to promote understanding, minimise waste, and continually innovate to sustain water’s flow now and into the future.

Smarter, sustainable solutions

Whatever your application, our innovative, high-efficiency, energy-saving pumps and water solutions help you provide comfort, deliver drinking water, remove wastewater or water crops all over the world – to name just some areas of our expertise.

At Grundfos, you create impact. Whatever your field of expertise, you’re empowered to make a difference, as we innovate to advance the flow of water while reducing energy use – as we collaborate to unlock possibilities for the good of people and planet.

Your global partner

Wherever you are, we’re nearby. Reach out to your nearest Grundfos representative.