Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution

Learn how in our booklet “Creating the Digital Water Utility”

Did you know that digital technologies could save the global water sector EUR 60 billion a year or 11.6% of the total annual spend (source: Global Water Leaders Group)? They could also help solve the global water crisis and meet other challenges relating to new regulations and ageing networks without massive hikes in the price of water.

Some water and wastewater utilities are turning to digital technologies today. They are exploring remote sensing, asset management, customer engagement, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and more, to help make their processes more sustainable and efficient and save operational costs.

Do you want to join them? Find out how utility leaders at the forefront of the digital transformation got to where they are today. Read about the main obstacles they faced, what they wish they could do differently and what they think other utilities do better to run a smooth, painless digital transformation. 

Kosten für Chemikalien um 70 % gesenkt

Als das dänische Versorgungsunternehmen Mariagerfjord Vand A/S Probleme mit Schwefelwasserstoff in seinem Abwassernetz bekam, konnte Grundfos schnell eine Lösung präsentieren. Dabei wurde nicht nur das Geruchsproblem behoben, sondern gleichzeitig der Chemikalieneinsatz in dem betroffenen Abschnitt um 70 % reduziert.

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