How we hire

Familiarise yourself with our recruitment process

Our recruitment process

To give you a general understanding of how our recruitment process works, we have outlined the basic steps below. Please keep in mind that you can expect local variations to our process depending on the country and the type of job you are applying for. We look forward to welcoming you!

Application and CV 

We do our best to create job advertisements which provide you with good insight into the specific job as well as the required competencies and experiences. All our open positions can be found at When you apply, please include a resume. You can also attach other relevant supporting documents, such as cover letter, certifications, etc.

The screening process

In the initial screening process, we screen and evaluate your application. We look at your employment and career path patterns, education, extracurricular activities, accomplishments, results etc. Most importantly, we need to be able to evaluate whether the job matches your personal and professional qualifications. Furthermore, we need to be able to get a sense of you as a person before selecting the right candidates, who will progress to the personal interview. All applications we receive are handled with respect and in strict confidence.

If you are not invited for interview, we will let you know by email.

Expectations during the interview process

Our aim is to place the right candidate with the right competencies in the right role, and this is what we cover during interviews. This step includes an initial interview with a recruiter, a second interview with the hiring manager, and finally a video or an in person panel interview. If you are invited for an interview, it is a good idea to be well prepared. You could gather relevant information about Grundfos to show your understanding of our business. During the interview, we expect to get to know you and your qualifications. We want to hear about your previous experience, your motivation, your results and your expectations in the new role. We expect this dialogue to be open and trustworthy as we base our decision on this dialogue. 

To provide you with the opportunity to decide if the job matches your expectations, we also provide you with insight into the framework and opportunities in the job, as well as in the team and department. 

For some positions, you may be asked to complete an online competency assessment or prepare a case. You will always receive information about this before the interview.

The Next Step

If you are made an offer, you will be contacted by either your new manager or a recruiter who will verbally present the job offer as well as terms and conditions to you. Most often, we will have touched upon the terms earlier in the process, so you are aware. Soon after, we will send you an offer letter.

Upon acceptance of an offer, the background check and drug scree process will be initiated. Upon successful completion, you will receive information to review on our pre-onboarding activities to prepare you for your first day of work.

It is Grundfos policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all it employees and applicants regardless of: race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, physical or mental disability or veteran status. 

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