Grundfos' Fully Digital ALPHA is a Game-Changer for Installers and Homeowners


In the ideation phase of creating a new residential heating pump, we wanted to reimagine what a pump is and what it can deliver. In speaking with installers, we learned that the software needs of current pumps in the market were beginning to outpace the hardware. Thus, our North Star: to stop thinking about a pump as an isolated unit and, instead, as an integrated part of the entire system.

Enter the Grundfos ALPHA 15-58.

A fully digital, connected, intelligent solution that taps into the full potential of modern data analytics. With Bluetooth connectivity with the Grundfos GO app, a new world of options became a reality for installers. The ALPHA 15-58 removes the guesswork involved in troubleshooting. It acts as the eyes of the installer inside the system.

Hydronic Solutions, Inc., a hydronics wholesaler based in Waterloo, Southern Ontario, was formally introduced to Grundfos in 2019. After learning how closely their values aligned with Grundfos’, the strategic decision was quickly made to open an account with Grundfos. They had, and continue to have, a focus on Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to transform the market and, not only sell pumps, but to invest in new technologies that provide energy-efficient solutions. They share the belief that the world is going digital, and if you don’t get ahead of it, you will get left behind.

The Solution and Result

In 2022, James Kuepfer, owner of Hydronic Solutions, participated in the Grundfos field testing program for the new ALPHA 15-58 pumps that were set to launch in the Canadian market in 2023. Kuepfer spends his days designing and providing hydronic pump solutions to customers seeking increased comfort and energy savings in their home. Typically, a contractor will present a project to Hydronic Solutions, who will then work with an engineer to provide the best possible solution, which “will always be a Grundfos pump,” says Kuepfer.

So, when it came time to determine where to install the ALPHA 15-58 field test pump, Kuepfer decided it would go in his own home so he could speak from personal experience. He replaced the Vilo EcoStar with the new Grundfos ALPHA 15-58 circulator. For Kuepfer, as a homeowner, the benefits of hydronic heating far outweigh the cost. While it’s a larger investment from the start, it produces a higher quality heat. It’s cleaner and quieter because it isn’t circulating air around the house. It’s more durable and efficient, provides better humidity control, and saves money in the long run. By installing one ALPHA pump, the average homeowner can save up to $45/year*. Its best-in-class ECM motor is what allows for these savings. In fact, the Hydraulic Institute gave the ALPHA the highest energy rating on the market, 193.


Pictured above is the ALPHA 15-58 used to push hot water through an in-floor radiant system in Kuepfer’s 4,250 sq. ft. home, serving 5 zones in the house. The guided setup feature on the GO app allowed Kuepfer to easily commission the pump. The constant pressure AutoAdapt control mode is the ideal setting for a zone valve system like this one, where the pump adapts to the changing demand for heat every time a zone actuator opens or closes. 


When asked how the system has performed since installation, Kuepfer quickly responded with, “Flawlessly. No issues at all.” He went on to say, “The Grundfos GO app has made life so much easier. You can quickly see how much power you’re using on the readout. Homeowners don’t always understand that pumps are running all the time, drawing electricity all the time. This pump tells you exactly how much power you’re using on the display, showing flow, power, and head”. 

Kuepfer's favorite feature of the ALPHA pump is that it’s automatically self-venting, which eliminates air from the system by pushing it through. Other innovative features the ALPHA delivers include the built-in temperature sensor, Bluetooth connectivity to be used with the Grundfos GO app to easily view data trends and change settings, the ability to adjust speed and change settings right on the pump, built-in dry-run protection, constant flow control, and a troubleshooting aid with alarm and warning lights.


...Grundfos is the leader in the industry when it comes to circulators and larger pumps, but especially the newer circs. As a manufacturer, Grundfos are geniuses. 100% would recommend.
James Kuepfer, Hydronic Solutions, Inc.

These features give the Grundfos ALPHA 15-58 the ability to replace 90% of pumps in this performance space, making it the only residential heating pump needed on the service truck. When it comes to installation, the improved wiring makes for easier installation with a toolless power connector. For Kuepfer, who doesn’t typically perform installations himself, but this one was simple, “For anyone that does it all the time, it would be a breeze. The connections on the electrical side were simple and fast. By the time I disconnected the old pump and put in the new one, it was done in 30 minutes or less.”

When asked if he would recommend Grundfos to others, “Absolutely. Grundfos is the leader in the industry when it comes to circulators and larger pumps, but especially the newer circs. As a manufacturer, Grundfos are geniuses. 100% would recommend.”

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