The Bar Code House

This historic Washington, D.C., row house recently was transformed in name, form and signifcance.  Located in the fashionable neighborhood of Dupont Circle, it is known as the Barcode House, in reference to the rhythmic structural steel rods that support the all-glass expansion designed by renowned architect David Jameson, FAIA.

A free-standing, 600-square-footglass tower now opens up the rear of the home and connects it visually and experientially to a charming and intimate alleyway. From the outside looking in, one might assume that this transparent structure could leave its occupants feeling exposed. But living on the inside and looking out, the owners, in fact, feel a comforting awareness of, and connection to, the surrounding light, weather, seasonal changes and neighborhood.

“We feel completely comfortable here,” says owner Tony Anderson on behalf of himself and co-owner Willie Agosto. “We love the space and openness, which gives a sense of floating in air. We’re able to observe the most subtle changes in nature, whether we’re watching it snow or observing the budding spring leaves and their varying shades of green. “Every single day,” he says, "we really appreciate living here."