Morris pumps successful where original sludge pumps failed

A midwestern city’s 30 mgd wastewater treatment systemincludes three egg shaped anaerobic digesters which process sludge from primary and secondary clarifiers. The original sludge pumps failure was attributed to excessive wear due to grit in the sludge.

The replacement Morris pumps provide constant mixing and circulation within each digester which promotes consistent gas production.

Three Series 6100 Morris pumps will be an integral part of a new grit handling system due to go on line in 2004.

Modular design makes normal maintenance and inspectionstraight forward and quick.  Reversible casing and bi-directional impeller allows rotation in either direction for layoutflexibility and provides for optimum parts interchangeability.

The high chrome, hardened (650 Brinell) cast iron con-struction, provides both toughness and corrosion resistance. No component is considered sacrificial.