Grundfos WellConnect App Adds New Pump Module

Grundfos' WellConnect app platform enables water well contractors to complete daily water system management tasks from their phone, tablet or computer— including drilling logs, completion and downhole data, pump history, and maintenance history. Information and documents are stored securely in the cloud, enabling teams to share and access project details 24/7 on one easy-to-use platform.

“Based on valuable user feedback, we have improved the WellConnect app by adding a new pump module, making improvements to the well visualizer graphics and functionality, and allowing the user to enter pump data independently of well information,” said Dan Story, vice president of sales for groundwater and irrigation at Grundfos. “The new module gives users the ability to record pump end and motor information, pump panel and control information, pump installation details, and record site troubleshooting and test information.”

WellConnect App Improvements:

Record pump end information and motor information

  • Pump end / motor manufacturer
  • Speed and operation capacity measurements
  • Date code and serial number information

Record pump panel and control information

Incoming power information
Pump panel details and NEMA rating
Pump starting type

Record pump installation details

  • Pump depth
  • Drop-pipe material and size
  • Flow sleeve information
  • Installed accessories and more

Record a site test for the pump

  • Current unbalance check
  • Power insulation check
  • Wire size records and more

Enter pump data independently of well information

Improved well visualizer graphics and functionality

Since the Grundfos WellConnect app launched in February 2020, hundreds of water well contractors have been using the app to manage geophysical logs, well and pump records, and share data with their team back in the office.

“Our customers’ businesses are constantly adapting to meet the needs of the market — and so is WellConnect”, said Story. “At Grundfos, we have been pioneering innovative and efficient solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges for 75 years. We strive to effectively improve everyone’s quality of life. To make these improvements, we need to work together, so we gladly welcome feedback on the WellConnect app from water well contractors.”

Users who register for WellConnect will receive a free trial subscription. Water well contractors who are signed up for the Grundfos WaterPRO Program - Basic Level receive free access to WellConnect through 2020. Premium Level installers receive free access through 2021. For more information on the Grundfos WaterPRO Program, visit

The Grundfos WellConnect app is available on Apple iOS, Google Play and on the Grundfos website. More information can be found at