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The demand for industrial cooling is increasing, and there is significant potential for optimization – resulting in OPEX and energy savings – in almost every industrial cooling application. Achieving these savings has never been easier.

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Cooling towers and chillers are responsible for as much as 70% of the water used at an industrial facility. Many of these systems are operating less than optimally – some using as much as 50% more water than necessary. Saving water means saving money. Not only on bills for potable water, but on wastewater, chemical treatment, and energy.

Let our expert show you how to optimize your cooling system through pumps, controls and system intelligence.

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With four simple data points (flow, head, efficiency and annual run hours), we will calculate how much Grundfos' intelligent solutions can save you.

Increasing efficiency and reducing waste has never been simpler than with a complete industrial cooling bundle from Grundfos

Each Grundfos iSolutions for Cooling Towers bundle includes the following pre-configured components:

  • Two end-suction pumps – duty/standby (LCS or LCSE)
  • Two variable-speed drives (external or pump integrated)
  • Two pressure and temperature sensors (RPI+T)
  • One Multi-Pump Control (MPC) panel

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