The New Line of CR Pumps: Reimagined to Deliver More

More efficiency. More reliability. More performance.

Our range of CRs has gotten even bigger with the addition of the 255 — giving you more performance than ever offered by a vertical multistage pump.

Where the new CR line works better

Because these new vertical multistage pumps can handle more than 1,000 gpm and 1,000 feet of head, you can use them in applications that previously required larger split-case and end-suction pumps. The new CR technology is better for processes such as:

  • Pressure boosting
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Water transfer
  • Temperature control

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More value for your facility

Greater reliability

The new CR line is even more robust than its forerunners, thanks to state-of-the-art technology in simulation design, materials, testing and production, with features designed to reduce pump downtime and lower operating costs.

  • Enhanced impeller and chamber design reduces NPSHr
  • Low vibration reduces noise and wear and tear
  • Balanced radial loads prevent the shaft deflection that’s common in single-stage pumps
  • New thrust handling device allows use of standard motors

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Greater serviceability

The only regular maintenance needed is fast and easy, and can be done on-site — keeping costs low.

  • Single-piece cartridge mechanical seal can be replaced in minutes without removing the motor
  • Rotating assembly stacking kit allows for easy replacement
  • No need to realign or rebalance the pump

Watch a blindfolded seal change »

Higher efficiency

Every detail of the new CR line was designed for maximum energy efficiency, reducing kilowatts without sacrificing performance.

  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP) as high as 81%
  • Higher efficiency across a broader range of points on the curve
  • Improved impeller design reduces energy loss
  • Optimized flow path reduces pressure loss

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Millions of customizations

The new CR line continues the Grundfos tradition of modularity and customizability. With millions of possible variants, you can match your exact specifications — whatever the application.

Learn more about what the new CR line can do

A recent case study explains how the new CR technology saved one chemical plant $30,000 per year on maintenance costs, while increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime.

Expanded CR Range Brochure

For an overview of the features and technical specs of the new CR pumps, download the product brochure now.

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