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with Submersible Wastewater Pumps for Modern Demands


Pumps are at the heart of many water utility applications, transporting wastewater and operating critical processes. Grundfos’ range of grinders, submersible pumps (from 1 to 650 hp) and control panels are designed to stand up to the toughest applications, reduce energy consumption and allow for simple maintenance.

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    Water is an essential service – that’s why Grundfos and our partners are     dedicated to ensuring communities have the pumps or systems they need as     soon as possible. We stock hundreds of our most popular pump models and     control panels to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. Grundfos     also has a complete line of competitor pump rail adapters, so that you can     replace pumps fast in emergencies and breakdowns.

    Should you need a custom solution, we offer hundreds of configurations that     are customizable to meet your needs – cord lengths, materials, sensors and     more. Complete the form via the link below to find a distributor with a     solution near you.


We provide end-to-end wastewater system design that mitigates risk for ultimate peace of mind. Saving you time, costs, and maintenance. Commissioning and customized service agreements mean you have optimized operations from the start.



Grundfos offers a complete range of submersible solids handling pumps that are built for tough applications and industry leading efficiency. Our solutions have a variety of impeller choices including Closed Channel, Super Vortex and open S-tube® impellers along with advanced pump features for simple maintenance. In addition to our pump range we offer a SEG grinder for raw sewage applications up to 5.5 hp.

Key Features:

  • Operation range from 1 to 650 hp
  • Operator friendly features, offer simple in-house maintenance
  • Industry leading efficiency reduces operating costs
  • Impellers designed for non-clog performance with superior hydraulic efficiency
  • Options for submersible or dry installation

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LC 241/231 Control Panels

LC 231/241 pump control panels are designed for level control, monitoring and protection of Grundfos pumping systems one pumps or two pumps starting direct-on-line The LC 231 pump controller can be used in various types of empty or filling applications while the LC 241 pump control panels offer a more comprehensive range of features for waste water, drainage systems, or tank filling applications. Grundfos also offers a full range of controllers, control panels and motoring systems for municipal needs.

Key features:

  • Cost-effective controller for 1 or 2 pump, basic start and stop applications
  • Records and stores the last 20 alarms/warning events
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • More functionality than other basic controls

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The Submercible Range SEG, SL, SE, S

Pump Features & Benefits

Use the chart below to see what feature is available for each product

S-Tube Impeller:
Substantially reduces risk of clogging through an uncompromised, free-passage design and uniform inner diameter. With no leading edges, the S-Tube significantly reduces clogs when compared to a traditional impeller as there is nothing waste matter can catch on.

Super Vortex Impeller:
Offered as an alternative on our SE and SL pumps, the Super Vortex impeller has a patented design for very fibrous materials. The design allows the material to pass freely through the pump without getting caught by keeping the flow outside the impeller and creating a vortex to move material through.

Channel Impeller:
Customizable for operation requirements, channel impellers have long vanes that help reduce the risk of jams and clogs.

MKII Hydraulic End:
Allows for improved fiber handling ability with improved wear resistance of the sealing system. The patented threaded sealing system passes the fibers, grease and sand completely out of the sealing gap to ensure durability against the wear.

Smart Trim System:
Restore factory-set impeller clearances easily yourself to keep impellers at optimum efficiency.

The SE 12-42 hp range of submersible wastewater pumps from Grundfos feature the following three hydraulic concepts:

  • Grundfos Open S-tube® semi-open impeller hydraulics (offered for SE/SL pumps fitted with Superhigh -or High head hydraulics. Open S-tube® semi-open impellers provide high efficiency over a wide operating range. They can be trimmed to meet a specific duty point, and SE pumps fitted with Open S-tube® impellers are the ideal solution for medium to extreme contamination of wastewater.
  • Grundfos closed S-tube® hydraulics (offered for SE1/SE2/SL1/SL2 pumps fitted with Superhigh -, High -, Medium -, Low and Extra low head hydraulics) or S-tube® closed impellers provide large free passage and high efficiency. SE pumps fitted with the closed S-tube® impeller are ideal for low to medium contaminated wastewater.
  • SuperVortex free-flow hydraulics (offered for SEV/SLV pumps). SuperVortex free-flow impellers are ideal for challenging applications with high abrasives content or long fibrous materials.

When combined with intelligent controls and high-efficiency IEC and IE3 motor components, the SE 12-42 hp range of pumps provide an ideal solution for challenging wastewater applications.

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