An introduction to the ALPHA and UPSe circulator range

An introduction to the ALPHA and UPSe circulator range: Gain a baseline understanding of its functionality, purpose, and most important features.

In this module, you’ll be introduced to the ALPHA and UPSe circulator range and gain a baseline understanding of its functionality, purpose, and most important features. Let’s get started.

The ALPHA and UPSe pumps are built for domestic heating applications and come with features that are designed to:

• Make pump replacement quicker and more efficient
• Ease assembly, installation, and maintenance
• Make commissioning easier and simpler
• Enhance energy efficiency and comfort
• Provide digital troubleshooting via Bluetooth

Let’s take a closer look at how the pumps deliver these benefits…

The ALPHA and UPSe pumps are the ideal pump replacement range as they are suitable for use as drop-in replacements for the majority of models on the market, and they can help you save time by being the only replacement pump you need to stock in your van.

Using the innovative Grundfos GO app, you can scan old pumps and get instant replacement recommendations which will also save you time on selection.

The range’s many features make it easier for installers to install, operate, and maintain the pumps.

To avoid unwanted noise and reduced performance, ALPHA and UPSe pump have been designed with a self-venting function which will automatically remove air from the pump and eliminate the need for tedious manual venting. This can reduce the likelihood of call backs and reduce commissioning time.

During periods of non-operation, dirt, lime, and magnetite can sometimes block the pump. To reduce the risk of blockages, the pumps are built with non-magnetic shafts and bearings. Should a blockage occur, the pump will try to shake the rotor loose through vibration by applying the highest possible torque.
To avoid unwanted pump breakdowns caused by dry running, the ALPHA and UPSe range includes an in-built dry run protection feature. It stops the pump if no water is detected in the system. The pump will then try to restart a number of times, continuously monitoring for water in the system. If no water is detected for a prolonged period, the pump will stop itself in alarm mode.
The ALPHA range also benefits from Grundfos GO app integration and can provide guided setup –– which helps you save time when finding the right settings for the pump application and ensures the lowest possible electrical bill and low energy consumption.

The AUTOADAPT functionality – which is found in the ALPHA range – has three different control modes: constant pressure AUTOADAPT, proportional pressure AUTOADAPT and constant curve AUTOADAPT.

In previous generations there was only one AUTOADAPT setting, now there is one for every type of heating system, … covering zone valve systems, …systems with TRVs … and zone pump systems.

The AUTOADAPT settings use an algorithm to monitor how the system operates.
It measures and analyses the heating system during operation and adapts to current heating patterns. This is done by optimising the position of the control curves. ALPHA and UPSe pumps have been designed with intuitive troubleshooting, warning, and alarm functions to help you quickly and easily identify and overcome pump problems. On the ALPHA display, you can interpret easy to understand warnings and alarms and even read out the flow, head, and watt usage to identify where you should look for the root cause. It is also possible to use the Grundfos GO app to troubleshoot and identify issues once the smart device is connected to the pump via Bluetooth.

The app also allows you to read out historical trend data: Flow, head, on-cycle time and estimated media temperature, and view an event log with possible remedies for warnings and alarms. That covers our basic introduction to the ALPHA and UPSe range.

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