Learn how the timer and temperature control modes for the COMFORT TDT pumps work.

In this video, you will see how the timer and the temperature control modes for the COMFORT TDT pumps work and how they can be set. Everything needed for the control mode’s operation is provided, so no external components are required.

Let’s start with the timer. The timer in the COMFORT TDT pumps allows users to set operating periods easily through a user-friendly front interface.
When the resident is at work, the hot water recirculation system will not operate, preventing the heat source from overconsuming energy. The pump can be pre-set to turn on and ensure that hot water is ready to be used just before the resident returns home.

Now, let’s look at the control modes. By pressing the arrow button on the pump’s interface, you can cycle through the pump’s three control modes.
These are: Setting Mode, Timer Mode, Timer and Temperature Mode combined.

To activate Setting Mode, press the arrow button until the cogwheel symbol lights up in green. When programming the timer, the first step is to set the time of day. Press the change button on the pump's interface to move the orange indicator to the current time. If you press and hold the change button, the indicator moves faster. Once the time is correct, press the OK button.

Now you can set the timeslots for when the pump should run. If you want to change the factory setting, move the blinking operating time indicator by pressing the change button. Once again, holding the change button will cause the indicator to move faster.

When an illuminated timeslot is chosen, press the OK button to deactivate it. This will cause the pump to stop operating during the period of selection. To activate a timeslot, select the one you want and press the OK button. By repeating these steps, the timer can be set.
When you’re happy with the timer, confirm the schedule by pressing the arrow button. The pump will now work in Timer Mode. The Timer Mode can also be combined with the Temperature Control. When the pump is in Temperature Control Mode during scheduled timeslots, it will turn on when the water temperature drops below a certain value. When the water reaches a sufficient temperature, the pump will turn off again.

To activate Temperature Control Mode, press the arrow button until the green thermometer icon lights up. Once Temperature Control Mode is activated, it will work automatically and will not require additional manual setup.

If you want to reset the pump to factory settings, press and hold the arrow button for five seconds.
That covers how to use the timer and temperature control modes on the COMFORT TDT pumps.

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