The Pump hydraulics course

103L - The Pump hydraulics course

Join this course and learn how to understand pump performance curves and how to calculate water, brake and electrical horsepower and how to use the affinity laws to calculate the effects pump speed and impeller diameter have on capacity, head and horsepower requirements.

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Course overview

Modules: 4
Completion time
Completion time: 50 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Course overview

Pump performance curves

This module will provide you with a detailed understanding of pump performance curves​ and different calculation methods.

Horsepower and efficiency

In this second module we will cover how to calculate horsepower and efficiency.

Energy losses in pumping

In this module we will cover different types of energy losses in pump applications.

Pump curves

In this module we will take a deep dive into pump curves and how to read and understand pump performance curves.

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