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Cooling tower

A cooling tower is used to remove excess heat from an air-conditioning system if the heat cannot be utilized for another purpose.

If the excess heat from an air-conditioning system cannot be utilized for another purpose, it can be removed by a cooling tower. The cooling tower has a cabinet with a condenser coil, and it usually has one or more fans. Warm coolant from the cooling system is circulated in the condenser coil and is cooled by the air circulating through the cooling tower. The condenser coil is sprinkled with water to increase its efficiency. This exploits the fact that the dew-point temperature is lower than the air temperature and that a wet surface transfers heat more efficiently. If the cooling tower is used to cool the cooling system’s primary coolant, it is called an evaporative condenser.

Cooling towers are more expensive than dry coolers and are primarily used in large cooling systems or systems where the outside temperature is high. In many locations around the world, regulations limit the physical size of a cooling system, and this in turn limits the use of cooling towers.

Cooling tower pump types supplied by Grundfos include the MAGNA range of circulators and the TPE3/TPE2 in-line pump.

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