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How to access BIM objects fast

Expedite your design process with quick and easy access to BIM assets. Grundfos product catalog houses a comprehensive library of free 3D pump-model downloads to help you create accurate custom designs.

Learn how to find Grundfos 3D pump drawings quickly and make your BIM model as accurate as possible.

Find the pump drawings you need to design your application

Step 1: Identify the pump family

Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘BIM Download Centre’. Then select the Product Catalogue function to find the pump family or BIM Objects you need. You can also download the Grundfos BIM Apps to insert BIM content directly into Autodesk Revit.

Step 2: View and evaluate pumps

Click on the “View sub families” tab and then use the Grundfos BIM tool to access the BIM pump Revit file for your chosen pump.

Step 3: Choose your BIM file

Select the BIM standard for your pump of choice and download as a .zip file. Grundfos BIM assets are provided as type catalogues that give you all the variants in one model – along with all the specification data you need.

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