Introduction à l’équilibrage dans les maisons individuelles

Découvrez pourquoi un circuit de chauffage bien équilibré est important pour les propriétaires et comment atteindre cet équilibre le plus simplement possible.

The indoor comfort in a one-family home to a large extent depends on a perfectly balanced heating system. 

This video will explain to you why balancing is important and how to achieve it in the easiest possible way.      

Let’s take a typical two-storey house to illustrate what happens when a heating system suffers from imbalance.  

When there is a lack of balance the heat is distributed unevenly.  As a consequence some rooms may be undersupplied, leaving them too cold. Also, lack of balance can result in aggravating noises – from a subtle gushing sound to literal wining. The result is a poor comfort level – and in turn unhappy homeowners.  

So what causes the imbalance? Well, most often the uneven distribution of heat is caused by pressure losses in pipes and incorrectly set radiator valves. 

The problem, however, is that it can be rather difficult to determine where in the system the pressure varies – and so balancing entails a large amount of both guesswork and time. 

Another disadvantage of imbalanced heating systems is the energy consumption. Particularly in systems with a high degree of imbalance where the heating is supplied by just a few radiators. The return temperature from these radiators will be excessively high which causes increased losses in the return string and may even prevent boilers from condensing. The result is that energy and in turn money is wasted.   

Mais, grâce au nouvel ALPHA2, les approximations et les pertes d’énergie inutiles font partie du passé.

The small domestic circulator raises the bar in the heating pump category, not only ensuring highly reliable operation but also making hydronic balancing a walk in the park.    

By using the add-on tools – the ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app – all radiators in an average one-family home can be balanced in less than two hours. And without much effort. 

Click the Reader onto the pump and switch it on to allow communication with the app. Real time flow data is then transmitted to the app and automatically calculated, offering the correct flow setting throughout the house. No guesswork and no time wasted. 

Just pure comfort for the homeowner – and increased efficiency for you. 


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