Grundfos UPS3 the pump that adds up

This little hard worker is a great example of where the whole is much greater than the sum of its individual parts. In a nutshell this pump improves on efficiency, head, diagnostics and fitting time and its clever design means that this model can be used in many boiler pump replacements to replace OEM internal pumps, saving time and money. Verifying its suitability is simply accomplished by scanning the old pump using the free Grundfos GO Replace app.  

Product introductions are a key component to ensure that the industry is moving forward at a rate that maintains its status as being at the engineering and environmental leading-edge.  Offering improved efficiency, ease of installation and simplified fault finding are of course great features.  When you add to this a simple interface that could save, time, money and inconvenience you have a little pump that is capable of punching way above its weight and that is simply ‘best in class’.