Grundfos deliver the power to shower

So, whether you require a twin or single impeller, brass or composite, universal head or positive head operation – Grundfos will have the ideal pump to meet your needs. Single impeller pump generally help boost the pressure of cold water supplied to a combi boiler, and this demand is delivered by our SSR or Amazon series; while unvented cylinder options can be served by an Amazon pump. 

Twin impeller pumps are used to boost the pressure of hot and cold water to a single shower using the STR or Amazon series, multiple showers or a whole domestic house system once again are covered by the Amazon range. For larger installations, such as showers in a sports facility, Amazon and Amazon Universal models are available.  These single impeller pumps can be placed on both hot and cold feeds and integrated with thermostatic shower valve protection. 

By working with a reputable shower pump manufacturer such as Grundfos, you can be assured that any shower pumps you install will be fit for purpose and will continue to deliver - taking the pressure off you.

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