Grundfos support UN Sustainable Development Goals

Grundfos Pumps, the world’s largest pumping company, whose solutions lie at the heart of many of the global water and climate solutions, understand they have the potential to make a real difference.  They publicly support these SDGs, with a strong focus on Goal 6 that relates to Clean Water and Sanitation and Goal 13 that looks at Climate Action.  

Saving energy is in the Grundfos DNA and is demonstrated by their heavy investment in R&D as well as by their ensuring that each generation of pumping products and solutions are increasingly effective and efficient. This was further underpinned in 2008 Grundfos set themselves some tough inhouse targets, including to reduce the total water usage, at their facilities by 50%, by 2025.

Today shockingly 844 million people are still without access to clean water and a further 2.1 billion need to walk more than 30 minutes to access it, so taking individual and collective responsibility to use our precious resources wisely, is a decision we can all consciously make.  

Grundfos are proud to be at the vanguard of companies who are taking positive global action.