A wine for all seasons

Italian wine can trace its history back nearly as far to 4000 BC. Over the years, it has built up a great reputation for both the quality and variety that it offers its dedicated global consumers today. One such recent example of this continuing success can be found in a production plant outside Verona, at the IIe Grupo Vin Italiano site, where they are responsible for bottling and distributing 39 million bottles of wine, all around the world, each year.  

Maintaining consistent quality is of paramount importance and part of this process is delivering key ingredients precisely.  This is where Grundfos dosing pumps play their role in ensuring the uniformity of the output, via a bespoke system that incorporates metering pumps and controls that have been designed to deliver the precision and reliability required.

This ability to be able to develop the system sophistication that will guarantee the consistent delivery demanded by such an exacting application, all comes down to providing modern solutions to support this ancient ritual, that shows no sign of falling out of favour. Grundfos are proud to play their part and raise a glass to say ‘Saluti’ to the next 6000 years. 

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