An introduction to Grundfos Machine Health

Learn what Grundfos Machine Health is, where it is applicable and how Grundfos is using it in their facilities to predict failures before they happen.

Grundfos Machine Health is our condition monitoring solution, where we monitor critical rotating assets, to avoid unplanned downtime.

Overall, the success is that we are able to predict when we are having any issues with the pump or any breakdowns coming up and then have them scheduled.

That is the important part for us.

The reason why we have applied this in Grundfos in our critical applications is obviously because we cannot afford downtime here ourselves.

So that is why we have applied it, first of all.

We have done it in the cataphoresis and in our water reuse because this is where it is really critical that our operations are up and running all the time.

The production is running 24/7 and we rely on a high output so it is really important that the machine is running all the time.

And when it is running 24/7, it is difficult to stop for the maintenance part.

And therefore it is really important that we can predict it, and we can schedule it and have all the maintenance guys coming in at the same time and do the repair and then we good to go again.

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