Heat pumps make it easier to get commissioning wrong

EU regulations are shaping the market for hydronic heating systems and we need to think differently when it comes to heating systems in order to reach EU's climate goal of cutting at least 40% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030*.

Reducing greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030

Just about everyone would rather their heating bill was lower, but more people today want their heating system to be more sustainable too. With that in mind, the EU has pledged to cut 40% of its greenhouse emissions by 2030.

Huge potential for positive change

Heat pumps are a CO2-friendly alternative to boilers and are essential to reaching the EU's climate goal by eliminating fossil fuels from being used to power heating installations.

But heat pump-driven heating systems operate differently than traditional systems and there are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Heat pump systems should optimally operate with forward temperatures below 55°C
  • Heat distribution will typically operate with a higher flow, and a higher flow can cause noise in the system
  • Taking these points into account, the systems must be designed, commissioned and balanced correctly. Make sure that the pipes and valves are dimensioned correctly and are large enough to handle the increased flow in the system.

How to ensure optimal operation

To get the heat pump system operating properly from the start, you can use the GO Balance app to commission and balance the heating system correctly. After this the conversion from renewable energy to useful heat will be delivered with highest possible efficiency. Your client will experience a comfortable, quiet home and may save up to 5-10% on their electricity consumption due to the new heat pump.

How GO Balance works in a heat pump application:

  • The heat pump system must have a Grundfos UPM3 LIN-BUS, UPM4 LIN-BUS or PWM
  • On the heat pump appliance there needs to be a way to activate GO Balance via a display of a button
  • You need to have an ALPHA Reader which is an add-on to the UPM3 and UPM4.

The process for hydronic balancing in a boiler or heat pump application

  1. Activate GO Balance on the appliance - the appliance sends a signal to the UPM3 and UPM4 pumps inside.
  2. Balancing - when GO Balance is activated the appliance functionality needs to be turned off. The radiator system will then be ready to be balanced by the GO Balance app which will guide you through the process. Remember to select the right pump type you want to connect to - in this case UPM with Reader.
  3. When balancing is completed and you have a report on the task, the appliance will resume to normal operations.

Once balancing is complete, your customers will enjoy an increased level of comfort due to the system being correctly balanced, as well the benefit of a cheap energy source that converts energy to heat extremely efficiently. Plus, you’ll be playing an important role in reducing greenhouse emissions caused by fossil fuels.

How you can benefit fro GO Balance

  • Provide extra comfort and energy savings for your customers
  • Boost sales with a high margin product featuring innovative software
  • Meet demands for digital solutions
  • Support global energy efficiency initiatives
  • Make your daily work easier by saving time on installation and commission.

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