Get up to speed with intelligent solutions

The demand for smart HVAC products is booming. Stay ahead of the curve for fantastic sales opportunities.

Facts about smart products

Installers are reporting increasing demand for smart products; more in HVAC than other categories.

  • 70% of installers expect to have to acquire programming skills for smart building installations.

  • And 30% of installers find the majority of smart building solutions easy to install.

End users want smart products for higher energy savings

More than comfort and ease of use, customers want the energy savings. You can help your customers get them.

Smart products, better heating systems

Did you know 200 million circulators worldwide are inefficient? Just replacing an old circulator can save up to 75% energy consumption.

You can make a big difference in making this happen and have a positive impact on your customers’ energy bill and Europe’s environment.

Source: USP Marketing Consultancy B.V. (2022), European Mechanical Installation Monitor Q3 2022. Quarterly phone interviews with around 650 registered HVAC installation companies and plumbers divided over 6 major European markets.