Selecting the optimal material improves pump durability

Complexities in wastewater are growing. Municipal wastewater contains elements such as organic matter, oils and greases, fibers, polymers and other substances that present us continuously with new challenges. Moreover, extreme weather conditions increase the variation of drought, rainfall and the risk of flooding, while there is a tendency to consolidate wastewater handling and centralise it in big wastewater treatment plants.

Grundfos addresses these challenges with new wastewater hydraulics and material variants offering increased reliability and durability of the pumping solution, while reducing cost of operation and maintenance.


This whitepaper provides recommendations for selecting the optimal material variant for different wastewater applications, including the new material variant in white iron execution and its properties, and discusses in detail the concepts of wear, abrasion and hardness. Performance including clogging behaviour will also be discussed.

In addition, this whitepaper shows how wear and clogging are related, how they are tested in the Grundfos Water Utility Laboratory and results are presented, comparing different impeller materials available in the market.


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