Are you leading the way for your customers?

The majority of customers are asking for sustainable solutions in their HVAC installations. Are you actively promoting the energy and money saving opportunities they can bring?

Facts about sustainability

  • 8 out of 10 end customers ask for sustainable solutions.

  • Installation systems can contribute enormously in constructing sustainable buildings and reducing CO₂ emissions.

  • 44% of installation projects currently take sustainability into account.

  • Customers prioritise energy efficiency and saving money as their top sustainability priorities.

Only half of installers are actively promoting sustainable solutions

Across Europe, 52% of installers on average are promoting sustainable solutions right now, with more considering it in the next few years. 25% don’t have any plans at all.

Source: USP Marketing Consultancy B.V. (2022), European Mechanical Installation Monitor Q4 2021 Quarterly phone interviews with 700 registered HVAC installation companies and plumbers divided over 6 major European markets.


Replace inefficiency with high efficiency

As an installer, you can play a key role in reducing the world’s energy consumption. If you add up how many inefficient old pumps you and your colleagues replace over a year, it results in significant energy savings. Grundfos makes it easy to find the best, most efficient pump for any heating system, helping you meet your customers’ sustainability priorities.