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Stop function

The stop function makes it possible to stop the last booster pump in operation, if there is no or very small consumption. This makes it one of the most important features when it comes to pressure boosting. The stop function is active when the last pump in operation enters on/off control due to low flow as the illustration shows.

All Grundfos Hydro booster sets are delivered (from the factory) with the stop function activated. This is a standard feature. The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster set and Control MPC system in pressure boosting applications incorporates an advanced stop function that allows you to choose between four stop parameter modes:

  • Energy saving mode (factory setting)
  • Medium flow
  • Highest comfort level
  • Customised setting

The stop function helps to ensure:

  • Optimised energy consumption: Pumps are cut out when not needed)
  • Prevention of heating of the pumped liquid: No growth of bacteria and germs
  • Prevention of overheating the shaft seal: Longer life of shaft seal

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