Risinājuma MIXIT priekšrocības

Pievienojieties mums, lai iepazītos ar risinājumu MIXIT, tā izstrādes procesu un daudzām priekšrocībām, ko tas piedāvā.

When it comes to mixing loops, the most ideal solutions on the market today is the Grundfos MIXIT solution. In this course, our experts will introduce you to MIXIT and its many benefits and take you on a journey from the initial idea to the final execution.

The whole idea of the MIXIT solution dates back quite a few years. When we looked at all the stand-alone components of a traditional mixing loop system, we kept thinking that surely there was a way to simplify such a solution. And when our customers started to make the same comments, that’s when we knew that our ambition was to create a less complex solution. And today, the MIXIT solution provides that.

We focused a lot on what our customers wanted. We were in contact with several customers, and we used their feedback throughout the development process, testing different versions together with them. Giving our customers what they want has been the most important cornerstone of this development project; the MIXIT solution.

We also had an ambition to make a more user-friendly and flexible solution. Depending on the functionalities you need you can upgrade the MIXIT unit to meet your exact requirements. For example, if you need fieldbus connectivity, simply buy a software upgrade and unlock the functionality on the MIXIT unit. There is no need for any additional hardware. 

We rethought the whole idea of the mixing loop concept, making it an all-in-one unit, which, together with the pump, works as a complete solution.

The MIXIT solution handles multiple applications within heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Additionally, it can cover both two-way and three-way valve configurations, making it an ideal solution regardless of the application. When commissioning your MIXIT solution, you can simply use Grundfos GO to select the configuration that is suited to your application. A wizard will guide you, it is easy and at the same time extremely flexible. The MIXIT solution is definitely the ideal choice if you want to build a mixing loop in short time and ensure optimal performance when you leave your customer.

The MIXIT solution brings so many advantages. Everything is built into the solution, so there’s no extra pipework. That will obviously save a lot of time. In addition, all the sensors are wired, and all you need to do is connect the power cable.

It’s a really smart solution designed to make life easier for our customers. For instance, it is pressure independent, so even at varying primary differential pressure, it will ensure stabile regulation. And in addition to that, the built-in flowmeter measures the primary flow, and along with the temperature on the primary side, the MIXIT solution can provide real-time heat consumption monitoring. This really demonstrates how the integration of components benefits the customers.

Commissioning and system setup processes are both really easy and seamless. Let’s say you want to add additional functionality, such as an additional sensor, the MIXIT solution offers built-in setup wizards and guides to help you do it. This all comes from our underlying ambition of creating an easier and more user-friendly solution.

The MIXIT solution is built for the future. It offers connectivity out of the box, it is compatible with our cloud platform, Grundfos iSolutions Cloud, it has built-in fieldbus for easy BMS integration. And all MIXIT solutions are even delivered with a free monitoring solution! Just plug in the cable, and the MIXIT solution is connected.

In the future, our ambition is to be able to obtain all kinds of insightful data and make use of machine learning and AI technology to analyze these data. We believe that this will be the most intelligent way to optimize the MIXIT solution. 

Our customers have been there every step of the way. From developing the concept, to building the hardware and implementing connectivity. We are certain that the MIXIT solution can provide you with the optimal mixing loop solution now and in the future.

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