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One of the true stars of uncompromised, reliable and service-friendly wastewater disposal is the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2.

SOLOLIFT2 is specially designed to handle wastewater in private homes. It efficiently removes wastewater from bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

SOLOLIFT2 is intended to be used where wastewater cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of a natural downward slope. Typically, in basements below sewer level, or in installations located far away from the main soil pipe where a natural slope cannot be established. This may occur when modernising or extending existing buildings. With SOLOLIFT2, your customers do not need to worry about using the existing pipework of their house. As long as the SOLOLIFT2 is installed in close proximity to it, they can add new sanitary facilities wherever they like.

SOLOLIFT2 is ideal for adding utility rooms, extra bathrooms or new kitchens to your customers’ homes – even in confined spaces such as under-stairs cloakrooms or unutilised attics and basements.

SOLOLIFT2 adds value to any home and makes renovation and extension projects much more convenient, while keeping installation and operating costs to a minimum and maintenance low.

The SOLOLIFT2 range consists of five variants, all of which are designed for easy accessibility and flexibility.

The WC-1 is designed for applications with a toilet connection. The WC-1 can support a maximum of 1 toilet, plus 1 additional inlet, such as a washbasin or a bidet.

The WC-3 has the same features as the WC-1, but can support 1 toilet plus up to 3 additional inlets, such as a shower, a washbasin or a bidet.

The CWC-3 is a slim version of the WC-3, designed for wall-hung toilets.

The C-3 is designed for grey water applications without a toilet connection, such as dishwashers. It can handle the salt brine from water softeners and is resistant to hot water up to 90°C for 30 minutes and to 75°C continuously.

The D-2 is also designed for grey water applications without a toilet connection. It is the most compact of the variants and designed applications, such as showers and washbasins, where the space is confined.

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