Energy and water are issues almost everywhere, espeically in developing countries. A viable water solution gives communities the relaibile water supply they require. Grundfos solar water solutions enables water services to meet these requirements.

Grundfos solar water solutions offer smarter and more viable ways to deliver reliable water supply for communities. In addition to reducing energy costs to zero, operating costs are also extremely low. This, ultimately, is what keeps the solar water solution economically sustainable and in operation long-term. 

Effective and sustainable irrigation and watering for communities in developing countries supports efforts to meet the water and energy challenges we face when producing enough food. To meet future demands, we need to produce with greater efficiency, and this means a greater focus on the amount of water and energy used for food production. Irrigation and watering increases food production and food security.


Perfect when using smaller pumps with an integrated solar inverter,
as the drippers or emitters are most water-efficient and work with
both pressurised and gravity systems.


Pump water either directly to the watering station or to a tank,
flowing to the watering station when required.


These applications generally require a larger pump with an external solar inverter. Pivots are most effective in pressurised systems, whilst flood irrigation works well with pressurised or gravity feed.


Offers the advantage of solar water pumping to a holding tank while the sun is shining, from where water is released either pressurised or by gravity feed.

Figure 1: Typical solar installations for rural communities. Grundfos combines pumps, controls and monitoring, solar panels and components for a complete solar powered water supply.

To find out more about how Grundfos Solar Water Solutions work with any water supply application:

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