Luxury hotel cuts energy in half and keeps comfort at 100%

Grundfos would be my first choice of pumps for any new projects.
Li Da, 중국 순더 Midea Marriott Hotel의 수석 엔지니어

To understand why Midea used Grundfos pumps in its 5-star Marriott hotel in Shunde, China, we have to go back to when the Fortune 500 company was not using Grundfos pumps in its buildings.

In 2010, Midea renovated its headquarters in Shunde, a district of Foshan in southern China. The company used another brand of pumps. By 2011, high electricity costs, high noise and other problems from those pumps encouraged the owners to look for a better solution. They installed Grundfos, which immediately cut their running costs in half. Midea was impressed, so afterwards has continually chosen Grundfos for other buildings. These include the Midea Times Square in Zhuzhou and its first hotel investment, the Midea Marriott Hotel in Shunde, says James Zou, Sales Manager, Grundfos Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The solution

The 28-floor, 258-room Midea Marriott Hotel in Shunde opened in 2014. It has two heating, ventilation and air-conditioner (HVAC) technical rooms, two rooms for water boosting and one boiler room, according to Feng Zhen, the building's Vice Chief Engineer.

"Marriott is widely recognized as a major international brand. Thus, we have quite a high requirement for our hotel facilities," says Feng Zhen. He adds that all the HVAC, boosting and other pumping equipment are from Grundfos, and they have not had problems in operation.

"For hot and cold water booster systems, Grundfos only needs one set, while other brands need two separate sets. This means we could save half the energy by adopting Grundfos products. We are quite satisfied."

Midea Marriott Hotel in Shunde, China, chose Grundfos pumps for its water boosting, HVAC and boilers. The pumps use only half the energy as previous pumps in Midea buildings. Guests have praised the comfort level of the hot and cold water pressure - all the way up to the 28th floor.

The outcome

Chief Engineer of Midea Marriot Hotel Li Da says, "Grundfos pumps – especially the E-pumps – have the advantage of great stability and low repair rate. Since opening in 2014, we have never done any repair work with these pumps. This has saved costs for the hotel."

He adds, "We are aware that the customer would like to experience the best by choosing Marriott. There are some comments from customers that we do not have the imbalance of hot and cold water like other hotels. And this is due to the Grundfos pumps. Moreover, it is quite worthy to mention that Grundfos has very good after-sales service and a quick response speed. Grundfos would be my first choice of pumps for any new projects," says Li Da.

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