Porsche meets Grundfos

WALS-SIEZENHEIM, AUSTRIA: Porsche, manufacturer of prestigious cars, chose a Grundfos solution for wastewater management when its existing service centre was greatly expanded.

The Situation

The Porsche Konstruktionen KG Teilevertriebszentrum is located in Wals-Siezenheim, Austria. Originally built in 1984, this major logistics centre was expanded from 18,000 m2 to 47,000 m2 in 2002. A new hall boasts a basement with an additional 8,900 m2. Representing an investment of approximately 20 million EUR, the finished centre ensures smooth and efficient delivery of spare parts to the entire VW Group.

Grundfos was asked to create a complete solution for the new facility, covering every aspect of wastewater disposal. Naturally, this system needed to reflect the high standards of the Porsche Group.

The Grundfos Solution

Grundfos delivered a complete system. By using a single supplier for all elements, the customer can rest assured that everything fits together perfectly. This eliminates the risks that can beset combination solutions, where connections may be somewhat improvised and various technical specifications and features do not work together properly. As a full-line supplier, Grundfos gives all clients the chance to sidestep such problems.

The solution chosen for the Porsche Teilevertriebszentrum comprises a concrete pit, all the necessary piping, highly reliable pumps, and a mixer to prevent build-up of sediments. Electronic and pneumatic controls were also included, all made by Grundfos to ensure perfect integration.

In the final system, two stationary wastewater pumps are submerged. The motors of these pumps are cooled by the medium, and the free flow impellers ensure that service and maintenance costs are as low as possible. And this is just one of the cost-efficient features of Grundfos solutions. As the makers of fine cars, such as Porsches are very much aware, quality pays. That is why the total cost of owning a pump solution from Grundfos will always be lower in the long run.

The Outcome

The customer has expressed full satisfaction with the Grundfos system. It carries out its tasks with complete reliability, partly because every element is made by Grundfos for seamless compatibility. This allows the Porsche Teilevertriebszentrum to handle its 25,000 orders a day with perfect confidence in its wastewater management system.